Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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In respect to children, we believe:

  • Children have the right to play, and that play is not planned.
  • Children are resourceful learners who should be given the opportunity to contribute to their own learning and environment.
  • Children have the right to feel safe and secure in their environment, and have their feelings and beliefs understood and listened to by their educators.

In respect to families, we believe:

  • Each family has a unique cultural background and values, which should be respected within the centre.
  • Families should have the opportunity to be involved in the curriculum of the centre.
  • Families are the experts of their children, they know their child best, and we as educators should value and actively engage in their opinions and suggestions.

In respect to the community, we believe:

  • We must attempt to be a centre of exceptional quality for children in the wider community.
  • We must use the context of the community that the children live in to strengthen the educational experiences we provide.

In respect to our team, we believe:

  • Educators have the right to feel respected and appreciated and should be encouraged to share and use their talents and interests.
  • Educators should take the opportunity to learn together with children, and focus on the journey with children, rather than the outcome.
  • Educators should always be willing to further their professional learning practice through education and training, keeping up to date with current practices.

In respect to our environment, we believe:

  • Children should learn the importance of sustainability, and how to nurture their environment and value their resources.
  • That we should aim to provide an environment that is creative, aesthetically pleasing, holistic, inviting, imaginative, inspiring and challenging for all children.
  • Our environment should have a home-like feel, ensuring that all children have a sense of belonging within their environment.

Our values:

  • Belonging – We know that a sense of inclusion is critical to wellbeing. We value culture, community and two-way communication.
  • Choice – We understand that choice is a fundamental human right and support the right to exercise choice and control at all times.
  • Respect – We honour diversity and difference; through active listening we support our participants and each other to make choices that are right for their individual circumstances.
  • Safety – We ensure the physical safety and health of our participants and each other as a priority.
  • Contribution – We work with others and value their input as we believe this builds stronger communities and networks to support individuals to achieve their goals.

We look forward to your time with us!

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